Tap Into Innovative, Interactive Legal Apps

Need a custom Legal App? Call on iEnergizer. LexisNexis did.

iEnergizer’s App design and development team made it simple for consumers to find an attorney with LexisNexis as Lawyer Index App for the Apple iPhone. The Lawyer Index App is the most comprehensive resource of lawyers and law firms in the U.S. and Canada.

Leading law firms, legal publishers, and educators are embracing emerging technology to offer clients, readers, and students enriched access to legal content. Legal publishers are leveraging mobile platforms to distribute content in new, innovative, interactive Apps small, device-specific software applications that extend the utility of intelligent devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets and smartphones to more fully engage and captivate consumers of legal information.

Legal Apps offer users the convenience of finding content quickly, searching for key terms and case names, whenever, wherever, and on whatever mobile device is at hand.

iEnergizer is a market leader in App development. For best-in-class App development, ask Aptara.

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