Top Level Attention for Investors and Shareowners

Your investors and shareowners deserve access to responsive, high quality service.

iEnergizer offers capable and efficient back office services that provide your shareowners what they need and expect. From technical support for accessing accounts, to maintenance, share transfers, certificate issuance and more, iEnergizer’s shareowners services are founded on quality principles.

  • Proven staff excellence and hiring practices ensure highly qualified specialists to service your shareowners’ needs
  • Quality control best practices guarantee top-level accuracy and minimize error rates
  • Reliable and up-to-date technology means fast access and efficient processing
  • Highest levels of IT and network security means databases are secure
  • Real time monitoring allows for collaborative processes and few surprises

As a trusted and collaborative partner, iEnergizer internalizes and represents your brand culture through our professional staffs core strengths. You receive regular customer service surveys to ensure that your shareowners are receiving the desired experience and that we are achieving your predefined service benchmarks.

Specific services include:

  • Stock Transfers/ Account Opening
  • Address Changes
  • Tax Certifications
  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Information
  • Response to Queries
  • Sale/Purchase of Shares
  • Certificate Issuance
  • Dividend Options
  • Check Re-Issuance
  • Corporate Action
  • DTC  Broker Transfer
  • Wire Funds  Foreign Currency
  • Escheatment
  • Issue/Adjust Tax Statements
  • Issue Proxy Material
  • Broker  Dealer Cash Redemption
  • Process Refunds (Nuisance Fee)
  • Legal Review

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