Outsourced Healthcare Business Solutions: The Perfect Dose

Healthcare provision should be about health, not paperwork. Medical coding and billing, insurance adjudication and accounts receivables can burden otherwise productive medical groups, physician practices, hospitals and clinics, taking the focus off the patient.

iEnergizer offers expert and cost-effective healthcare document processing services to alleviate the pressure on your back office operations. From enrollment, benefit package and claims administration to billing, we have the capability and capacity to handle high-volume healthcare administration tasks with accuracy and short turnaround times. iEnergizer offers:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Field-proven technology infrastructure
  • The highest levels of IT security to keep your data safe and secure
  • World-class quality control practices to guarantee accuracy
  • Experienced staff with industry certifications
  • Reduced transaction times and administrative costs, faster payments and better margins

As a trusted partner, iEnergizer collaborates to meet your most pressing needs, adopt your customer voice, and deliver seamless solutions to your clients.

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