Dynamically engage your audience and improve results

Timely, engaging, accessible, actionable, productive, scalable. Thats how our clients describe iEnergizer’s multimedia training solutions.

iEnergizer’s Approach

Leveraging multimedia is not just about exploiting the latest gadget for information distribution; its about integrating leading-edge technologies and methods to build the optimum training experience for your audience, based on how and where they learn.

iEnergizer’s Web Based Training (WBT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) provide your audience access to the training experiences they need – from their PC, laptop, iPad, or smart phone. iEnergizer creates virtual interactive worlds, where learning is most effective. We put your professionals into simulations where only iEnergizer’s multimedia training can take themĀ  in front of a customer, inside a machine, in a laboratory, or through an application, all with just a few clicks.

Designing training environments in three-dimensions (3-D) and pairing them with virtual worlds for scenario-based training, facilitates higher rates of content retention and learning, while making learning much more fun.

iEnergizer multimedia solutions are designed to leverage all avenues of interactivity to produce the most effective end product. For example, clicking on a link to launch a video, opening a chat with a subject-matter-expert, or launching user guides and other reference materialsĀ  linked as eBooks that can be downloaded, searched, highlighted, or annotated. Our multimedia training solutions make it easier and less expensive to distribute, update, and reuse critical learning content.

Get started with iEnergizer to build the ultimate multimedia training experience for your audience.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Training that does not reflect real-life situations
  2. Lack of resources to provide hands-on training
  3. High cost of training-related travel and other expenses
  4. Training modules are not equally accessible to everyone
  5. Traditional training does not hold the interest of digitally-minded people
  6. Printed support materials are expensive, and difficult to produce and update


  1. Message consistency, self-paced interaction, engaging digital experiences
  2. iEnergizer WBT and CBT are globally accessible through a variety of devices
  3. Integration of elements that makes training more realistic and applicable
  4. Platforms allow availability of digital support resources
  5. Accompanying eBooks are fast and economical to distribute and update

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