eLearning Solutions for Training on-the-Go

Mobile learning – or mLearning – is the design and delivery of eLearning course material for handheld devices. Fueled by todays widespread use of smart phones and the recent surge in eReaders and tablets, mLearning is being widely adopted as an effective and convenient eLearning solutions means for organizations to deliver up-to-date information to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Mobile Learning Applications

With recent advances in mobile devices enhanced media capabilities and touch screens, its easier than ever to access and retrieve sophisticated information  from interactive videos to 3D tutorials. iEnergizer specializes in eLearning solutions via mLearning applications including:

  • Flash surveys
  • Just-in-time training
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Game-based knowledge checks
  • 3D models for technical field personnel
  • Real-time corporate communication updates
  • Ensuring employee compliance with new regulations
  • Rapid delivery of technical information to field personnel
  • Just-in-time product updates for sales people, clients, and channel partners

mLearning Advantages

Why is mLearning becoming such an integral part of so many corporate training strategies The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Higher training effectiveness
  • Dramatically improved retention
  • Extends training shelf-life and reusability
  • Leverages existing training investments
  • Allows for more rapid and dynamic update of course content
  • Can reduce classroom training costs by up to 80%

Why iEnergizer?

iEnergizer’s success in the mobile learning market is due to our unique blend of learning, multi-media and mobile device expertise. We combine instructional designers, content developers, and rich-media technologists who specialize in learning development, with a seasoned team of mobile device, eBook and digital production specialists to produce compelling and effective mLearning content.

Taking existing course content, we work with your subject matter experts, extract the information that most lends itself to mobile learning or mLearning, then design and build custom courses. An iEnergizer Learning course delivers effective knowledge transfer and performance improvement  in a convenient and engaging mobile package.

Key Problems Solved

  1. High cost of on-site training delivery, including associated travel expenses
  2. Training availability and geographic limitations
  3. Difficulty in delivering timely course updates

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