Fast track your learning resolutions

iEnergizer’s in-depth approach to understanding and assessing the current state of our customers learning strategies leads to obtainable, effective outcomes for achieving their desired learning objectives.

Based on a custom methodology, iEnergizer’s Essential Learning Resolution (ELR) Analysis enhances customers understanding of their organizational landscape and empowers business owners with strategic information to make well-informed decisions. Our highly experienced analysis team focuses on the successful outcome of each learning needs analysis while identifying potential areas of growth.

iEnergizer’s ELR analysis includes:

eLearning Analysis

eLearning Analysis is a strategic process focused on identifying customers¬† learning gaps, and bridging them to produce the desired state. Each step of the analysis is designed to identify and produce measurable results. The result of the analysis is an enhanced model based on best practices and business needs. iEnergizer’s vast experience in successful strategic eLearning analysis and design gives us particular insight into eLearning needs analysis. The resulting approach must be targeted and precise to ensure eLearning excellence.

Technical Analysis

iEnergizer conducts an in-depth analysis of your learning, performance management, knowledge management, HRIS systems, and any platforms pertaining to human capital management. This process examines usability, integration, feasibility, procedures, protocols, ROI, administration, support model, maintenance, and reporting capabilities.

Mobile Analysis

Mobile learning (mLearning) offers possibilities for delivering information that guides, supports, and coaches employees from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. iEnergizer works with you to thoroughly understand your business needs and how they align with the benefits, constraints, and requirements of a mobile strategy.

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