Outsource your learning administration to the experts

iEnergizer provides a rich set of outsourced learning administration services as a seamless extension of your organization  from managing bookings, joining instructions, scheduling, course administration and participant follow-up, to providing online and telephone-based support services for your audience.

Total Solution

In providing a learning administration solution, iEnergizer leaves nothing to chance. Our end-to-end services include:

  • Creating learner groups
  • Learner registration
  • Enrolling learners in WBT and VCT activities
  • Administering courseware and learner evaluations
  • Creating reports for analysis of learner feedback
  • Creating ILT / VCT sessions
  • Publishing sessions to WebEx
  • Tracking user participation and creating reports
  • Creating and issuing certificates of completion


Key Problems Solved

  1. Lack of in-house administrative resources
  2. Challenges in scaling your learning admin processes
  3. Administrative resources not familiar with the training process or program


  1. Streamlined logistics processes
  2. Trained experts managing the admin process
  3. Reduced administration overhead and associated costs

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