Flexible resourcing to save you time and money

Do you have a flexible and dedicated pool of expertise to meet your variable eLearning and mLearning development goals Many global companies facing this challenge have partnered with iEnergizer to extend their learning development capacity. Now, with resources at-the-ready, they are positioned for success. You can be, too.

iEnergizer’s Approach

iEnergizer has mastered the Extended Development Team (XDT) model: an innovative outsourcing approach that customizes a conventional offshore engagement to meet your specific business needs. When you partner with iEnergizer, we provide an Extended Development Team to operate as a seamless addition to your own team. We build close relationships with your team members, with a dedicated project manager communicating regularly and focusing on ensuring consistent and timely delivery across all your requirements.

The members of your XDT will know you, your business profile, your needs and preferences, and be able to quickly supplement your eLearning and mLearning development capacity. The capacity to build multiple courses at the same time and update existing courses, without the cost of rediscovery, delivers real business value and sustained competitive advantage to your organization.


The XDT model offers you:

  • Improved timeline performance on deliverables
  • Unlimited scalability to support business growth
  • Reduced learning curve, faster up-time, and reduced costs
  • Cross-trained resources that can be shared between departments
  • Resource flexibility¬† the ability to meet changing scope and timing demands
  • Increased efficiency through consistent standards and knowledge-base across projects
  • Significant reduction in development costs compared to the standard project-by-project basis
  • Shared costs across your organizations business divisions

Technology Leverage

In addition to iEnergizer XDTs talent and development expertise, you will benefit from our expertise in cutting-edge tools and technologies, including:

  • Flash
  • 3D Max
  • Captivate
  • Articulate
  • Action Scripting Flash

And because we provide the tools and technology, you do not have to incur the expense of purchasing expensive software solutions.

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