Bring your legacy learning content to life

There is no time like the present to start saving 40% to 80% on your annual training budget, and benefit from increased reach and reusability.

eMigration is the gradual transformation of learning content from classroom and paper-based formats to online, interactive, globally accessible, and highly reusable media. eMigration results in dramatically reduced cost-per-learning-hour and increased reuse per module of content. It does this by enabling more effective training through the use of innovative techniques such as scenario-based training, real-life simulation, wiki-based and game-based training, mobile learning, and flexible technology-enabled delivery.

Aptara offers organizations a proven and highly cost-effective way to improve skills and job effectiveness, while leveraging legacy investments in training content through an eMigration strategy.

Why iEnergizer?

The more expertise and experience your eMigration partner has, the more impressive your results will be. With over 20 years of experience transforming content into effective and engaging digital-learning media, iEnergizer has designed and delivered profitable eMigration strategies for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Contact us today to take full advantage of the opportunities offered through eMigration.

*A Caterpillar University study revealed that eLearning delivery methods save between 40% to 80% compared to classroom costs.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Long and expensive course development schedules
  2. Inability to quickly repurpose and deliver updated content
  3. Difficulty delivering training to audiences in disparate geographies


  1. 24×7 availability
  2. Faster time-to-market
  3. Substantial cost savings
  4. Massive scalability and reusability of learning
  5. Ability to easily standardize and stabilize content
  6. Improved tracking, accessibility and measurability

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