Collect Debts and Reduce Costs

Debt collection is among the most important but non-core functions of any business. It requires time-consuming attention to detail as well as dedicated specialist staff, workspace and ongoing training to keep abreast of new regulations. But without an effective collections capability, businesses run the risk of payment leakage and weakened cash flows.

Outsourcing accounts receivable management allows you to buy back time and resources so you can focus on core business initiatives. Without the need to maintain a dedicated backoffice collections staff, your company will realize cost savings while enjoying improved collections performance.

iEnergizer offers a range of accounts receivable management services including:

  • Commercial Collections
  • Pre- and Post-Charged Off Consumer Debts
  • Skip Tracing – Manual and Batch Skip
  • Campaign & Dialer Management
  • Collections Strategy Analysis & Development

And to maximize recovery performance, iEnergizer employs:

  • The latest and most effective recovery methods
  • The highest levels of IT and network security
  • Process performance and quality management best practices
  • Expert, proven staff and hiring practices that ensure staff quality
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting for a tightly collaborative approach with our clients

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